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Plato Chiquitano

Arte Chiquitano

Vivian Reimers is a Bolivian architect and interior designer whose brand is based on her heritage. By associating with Cris Acevedo Studio, a Brazilian ceramic fabricator, she accomplished to create the “Arte Chiquitano” collection.  She is also inspired by the Chiquitanía’s churches angelical attributes, seen throughout her sculpture work. The symbology behind her art lies in the history of the Spanish colonization of the lands of the Chiquitanía, in which Jesuit missionaries arrived to build and establish churches. This territory is currently located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Their work seeks to shed a light on the signs of communication which human beings rely on to connect with each other: “to inform, to lie, to betray, dominate and liberate.”

La Majestuosa


By artisanal production, the cuts imitate the architectural feel of the missionary churches. Recycled gold and the manual labor of talented artisans that learned carving techniques from their ancestors. Representative of both the historical and accidental baroque essence found in Santiago de Chiquitos.

Pucker Up

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Pucker Up

Best selling products


Crivelli, proudly Italian and internationally renowned for being one of the greatest trendsetters in the game. The latest Italian trends in jewelry are found in their pieces: which all vary in pricing from entry-level prices, to everyday jewelry and haute, high-end jewelry. Founded in the 1970s by Bruno Crivelli, the goal of the brand is to maintain their reputation for excellent craftmanship and intricate design. The blend between the classic and the newest trend is their specialty, which they succeed at combining effortlessly. Colorful, precious stones and diamonds achieve a specific mood and feeling they look to set for the consumer.

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Miss Mirage


A style rustic and opaque as the gigantic mines of gold which attracted Spaniards to South American land in the search for riches. The magnitude of the mines inspired this dense texture of 18 karat with a 24 karat feel. Every piece is hand finished. The style is bold, audacious and timeless.

Cruz Santa


Ear candy and all things jewelry, manufactured with 18 karat gold and cubic zirconia. Tokens of love to cherish forever by the magic of gold.



Decorative gold infused into careful tread work around amethyst and citrine quartz gems. An openwork technique reflects light and enhances the beauty of the semiprecious stones. Our Amazonian gem of choice is derived from quartz, richly found in this region and unique in the world to our homeland. La Bolivianita (the bolivianite or ametrine) is famous for her rare purple and yellow color: a fusion of the amethyst and the citrine quartz.


Inmaculada translates to immaculate. God acted upon Mary in the first moment of her conception, keeping her "immaculate". Virgin Mary is a light of hope for those who seek solace in her welcoming arms. Maria judges none and welcomes all those who love her son, the son of God. An essential in Latin American culture, a world that remains in touch with its Catholic roots. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is represented in this collection, crafted with love in 18 karat gold and details of cubic zirconia. Decorate your love with these sprinkles of little faith and light.


Kirah Design

Kirah Design’s ecological craft of artisanal sculpture is from Bolivia for the world. Produced directly from leftover materials from certified forestry, each piece is unique. The sublime expression of artisanal effort and preservation of culture and ecology evocates art at its purest form. Winner of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award in 2012, the artist Gabriela Flores produces with forest waste. She then turns in them into decorative sculptures such as vases and bowls. “An imperfect physical form of recovered wood from our forest can turn into beautiful objects of art that challenge one’s perception of space and form.” The subject of her work is Bolivian Rosewood.


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Other Stories

Gold Leaf Skull Fragrance Diffuser

Ritzy Casa

Ritzy Casa represents numerous Brazilian artists. The art produced by the Casa consists of ceramic work, composed of natural stones and an aromatherapy collection. These handcrafted essential oils and scented diffusers will soothe the sense in the most blissful way. Inspired by natural stones, the flavors range from: Aquamarine, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine and even gold. The mix of these crystals creates an energy of its own. In the skull collection, the smell of gold is a tangible scent. Each container and flavor is of its unique shape.