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About Us

Fatima Cespedes is the creative director of Livi Luxe Jewels. Her background in Business Marketing, Gemology and twenty years of international work experience in the world of jewelry have allowed her to embark the dream of Livi Luxe: The very first Bolivian sustainable luxury and jewelry brand.

We possess a culture rich in diversity and talent. Creating a Bolivian luxury product serves as my greatest motivation. From this dream, the name Livi was born, which comes from Bo(liv)ia.


Words from the Designer

We craft pieces tinted by the beautiful influence of artisan and cultural manifestations found in Bolivia’s oriental region. My first collections Barroco and Dorado are a tribute to our cultural richness, my greatest inspiration.

Jewelry is the manifestation of the desire to express. There is no accessory or garment in the fashion world more personal than a jewel. Its personal contact with skin transforms it into a token of love.

When creating Emociones, I went to all things quotidian: hearts, smiley-faced emoticons mimicking facial contractions, Hamsa hands and crosses resemblant of the spiritual. Soaked in gold, these designs are minimal and compose the collection that consists of light, daily jewelry.

Barroco and Dorado are modeled after the decorative flair that is seen in the Jesuit churches in the city of Santiago de Chiquitos.


The collections are representative of the historical background they are inspired from. Guaraní in terms of etymology comes from “guerrear” (to war). The Eastern Bolivian Guaraní, native to the lands of the Chiquitania are possessors of a famous reputation as strong warriors. Designs influenced by the local gem La Bolivianita incorporate the mysticism of the Amazonia.

The process in the production of Guaraní is the one I felt most passionate about, because it is more artisan inspired and mixes my true loves: hand crafted carvings and semi-precious stones. The DNA of the brand lives in them, exclusively produced with recycled gold and gems of the occidental region. The incorporation of Emociones is the most recent addition, primarily crafted in Asia but finished with detail in Bolivia.