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Bolivia’s Amazonia is the muse of our sustainable craft. Designed and developed in local workshops, each piece derives from the designer’s fascination with the ordinary and obscure, such as the contrast of the missionary churches that created division between the Guaraní natives when they established themselves in the Chiquitano province. The collections are representative of the historical background they are inspired from. Guaraní in terms of etymology comes from “guerrear” (to war). The Eastern Bolivian Guaraní, native to the lands of the Chiquitania possess a reputation as strong warriors. Designs influenced by the local gem La Bolivianita incorporate the mysticism of the Amazonia. 

Barroco is modeled after the decorative flair of the Jesuit churches in the city of Santiago de Chiquitos. Established in 1754, the town is green and unpolluted by the industrialization of the outside world. The traditional permanence is visible through the craftwork, produced by artisans. 

Home to twelve protected areas of bio diverse flora and fauna, La Chiquitania is a recent victim of massive fires that destroyed at least five million hectares of land. Our legacy bleeds from the magnitude of this recent tragedy. We work with resilience towards the restoration of our land. Liviluxe has a compromise to contribute to the reforestation on the sacred land.